🦀 rust programming language.

A collection of articles and blogposts about Rust, or, more precisely, why Rust is not what it claims to be, and not what Rust fan(atic)s claim it is.
Коллекция статей и блогпостов о Rust, или, вернее, о том, почему Rust не является тем, чем себя называет, и тем, чем его называют адепты.

posts / посты

🔗 When Zig is safer and faster than Rust
🔗 Leaving Rust gamedev after 3 years
🔗 Giving up on wlroots-rs

issues / проблемы

🔗 Move elision ... not allowed
🔗 Why do Rust Strings have no Short String Optimization (SSO)
🔗 AtomicStr is unsound, causes use-after-free
🔗 Unsound sending of non-Send types
🔗 `serde` deserialization for `FamStructWrapper` lacks bound checks that could potentially lead to out-of-bounds memory access
🔗 Fix unsoundness on invalid utf-8 inputs
🔗 Use ManuallyDrop instead of mem::forget
🔗 Ref core::cell::Ref u8, _::into_ref is unsound
🔗 fix: Validate return value of get_slice in VolatileMemory functions
🔗 BUG Unsoundness: try_parse_{4,8}digits appear to advance iterators out of bounds

rust for linux

🔗 Rust for VGEM
🔗 Merge tag 'rust-6.4' of https://github.com/Rust-for-Linux/linux